Newly Added Styleline Doors

Operated since 1975, Commercial Refrigerator Door Company offers a full line of STYLELINE products, including heated and energy-free glass door and frame systems for walk-in coolers and freezers and a wide range of shelving and merchandising accessories.

Bring In-Store Ads to Life!

AUDIO – Syncs with full-motion video to enhance messaging.
DYNAMIC QR CODES – Enables instant download of product videos, coupons, or recipes with the ability to tie directly into social media sites.
FULL-MOTION VIDEO – Displays high-definition live data and promotional advertisements.
WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY – Provides the ability to instantly update promotional videos using wireless.
GESTURAL INTERACTIVITY – Messages are programmed to respond when a customer uses hand gestures to interact with the promotional content.
INTERACTIVE TOUCH SCREEN – Guides consumers to additional products and locations (wayfinding); Displays surveys for product and store experience feedback.
ACTIVIA FOR MEDIA SOFTWARE – Creates, schedules, manages and monitors video messages for PrimaSee from any web browser or mobile device. and instantly updates the content whether you have ten locations or tens of thousands.
PRODUCT MEASUREMENT CAMERA – Alerts employees when product needs to be re-stocked and sends email alerts to mobile devices: Alerts brands if competitive products are sitting on shelves within branded environments.
AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT CAMERA – Tracks and reports who views what content when, based on age and gender.