LED Lighting Systems

Our LED lighting systems require less maintenance than normal lights, and will save you thousands of dollars. Let us provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation estimate for your store. You will be impressed.

Hussmann’s Refrigerated Case LED Lighting Approach

• Reduce energy consumption
• Increase merchandising performance through attractive displays
• Keep food quality through proper safety temperatures
• Achieve max shelf life

Our Success

A recent 40 store project resulted in more than 3,700,000 kWh annual energy savings and more than $473,000 in utility company rebates. The average payback for the EcoShine LED upgrade is 1.8 years including rebates.

Why Make the Switch to EcoShine II LED Lighting?

Attract shoppers to reach-ins and walk-ins by highlighting the colorful appeal of frozen or refrigerated food displays, from ice cream to frozen entrees to beverages. EcoShine II LED’s maximize shopper appeal while reducing energy costs, to give retailers a competitive advantage in both areas.

• Up to 71% energy savings compared to fluorescents
• Motion-activated dimming system available for additional energy savings
• Excellent durability: 5-7 year life expectancy for EcoShine II
• 7-9 year life expectancy for EcoShine II Plus for reach-ins

Exceptional Merchandising For All Applications

EcoShine II is available in every department for virtually all display cases and manufactures. LEDs emit less heat into the display case than fluorescents. This helps reduce the rise in internal product temperatures. Lower product temperatures help maintain the freshness and appearance of meats.

EcoShine II shelf and rail lights provide superior cleanliness and reliability with industry leading IP67 certification, which helps keep moisture and fluids out of lights.

Create spectacular displays with bright, vibrant colors that attract shoppers

• Reach-In Cases
• Walk-In Doors
• Closed Multi-Deck Door Cases
• Open Multi-Deck Slanted Lit Shelving
• Open or Closed Multi-Deck Straight Unit Shelving
• Service Cases